Wills & Estate Law Services
Waynesburg, PA

Wills & Estate Law Services
Waynesburg, PA

Secure Your Family’s Future with Will & Estate Services at Russo Law

Ensuring that your loved ones are secure after your passing is one of the many reasons why the law office of David J. Russo, Esq. is committed to providing exemplary will and estate law services. Whether you own a large estate with a lot of property, or would simply like to will your possessions and finances to those you love, attorney David Russo is the one to depend on. For nearly a decade and a half, he has been serving the legal needs of the Greene County area in Pennsylvania with all of the empathy, compassion, and tenacity necessary to protect the best interests of the client.

To learn more about wills and estates, or to find out about any of our other legal services, contact us today at (724) 627-9466.

What is a Will? Do I Need an Attorney to Write a Will?

When it comes to wills, it is understandable to have questions. You may be asking yourself if you need an attorney to write a will, or what a will even is or does. A will is simply a legal document stating your intentions for your property and other assets for when after you are deceased. It is especially important to have a will drawn up when you are the parent of young children, if you are suffering from a terminal illness, or even if you have a specific plan for what happens to your possessions and finances after your passing. It is also important to allow an attorney to help you through the process. This ensures that your will is a legally binding document without errors, so call today if you are interested in securing the future of your loved ones!

What Can I Include In My Will?

• Guardianship of minors
• Heirlooms

• Real property (homes, buildings, etc.)
• Vehicles

• Bank accounts
• & More

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