Criminal Law Services
in Southwest Pennsylvania

Criminal Law Services
in Southwest Pennsylvania

Criminal Defense for DUI, Drugs, and Other Crimes in PA

Criminal law in Pennsylvania is prosecuted at the state level, for the most part. The majority of the crimes being tried in court involve DUI, assault, theft, illicit drugs, and other issues. These crimes can result in serious penalties, such as prison time and hefty fines. Being charged with a crime in Pennsylvania does not signal the beginning of the end when you rely on attorney David Russo for your criminal defense. As a highly skilled, dedicated lawyer in the Waynesburg, PA, area, Mr. Russo can effectively provide clients throughout many areas of southwest Pennsylvania with reliable legal services for virtually any criminal case.

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DUI Defense Services from an Experienced Lawyer

When you need a lawyer to represent you during a DUI case, David J. Russo, Esq. is the attorney in Waynesburg, PA, to call. A DUI conviction can change your life, and even land you in jail with many steep fines. You may even lose driving privileges for a predetermined amount of time. This could affect your daily life by preventing you from getting to work, school, and other aspects of your life. At the law offices of David Russo in Greene County, your case will be combed through meticulously to ensure your best defense. No stone will be unturned during your case, as it is Mr. Russo’s goal to protect you, your freedom, and your best interests. For example, technicalities and discrepancies in proper legal procedure like the following can work in your favor:

• If the arresting officer had reasonable suspicion

• The conduction of field sobriety tests

• If the arresting officer followed proper police procedure

• Road conditions

• The accuracy of the breathalyzer (when it was last calibrated, if it was administered properly, etc.)

The law firm of David J. Russo in southwest Pennsylvania is on your side when it comes to DUI defense, drug crimes, and other aspects of criminal law. If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in Greene County, PA, call David Russo, Esq. immediately.

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Conveniently located in Waynesburg, PA, the law offices of David J. Russo proudly serve the needs of criminal and family law clients throughout areas of southwestern Pennsylvania. Will preparation and estate litigation is also available for clients in Rogersville, Carmichaels, and the surrounding areas.

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