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Criminal, Family, & Will & Estate Law

Waynesburg Lawyer
Criminal, Family, & Will & Estate Law

Rely on the Compassionate, Dedicated Attorney in Greene County

When you need a compassionate, dedicated attorney for your case in Greene County, PA, look to the law offices of David J. Russo, Esq. For nearly 15 years, attorney David Russo has been the legal professional to rely on for criminal law, family cases, and wills and estates. The firm can help secure compensation, assist with litigation and insurance claims, and provide overall exemplary legal support for every client. We are not an oversized law firm. Our clients appreciate having one lawyer working with them throughout their legal process. As a single-lawyer operation, the legal practice of David Russo in Waynesburg, PA, is the one to rely on during these trying times - both in and out of court.

Contact us today at (724) 627-9466 to consult with an attorney about your case, or to find out more about the following areas of practice:

“Will always be appreciative of what this man did for my family and myself. What a wonderful lawyer. He fought right beside me to the very end. Will never forget it. Thanks so much for what you have done, Mr. Russo. Have changed our lives only for the better.”
-Lauren L., January 23, 2018

Call the Law Office of David Russo, Esq. for an Experienced Lawyer

The law office of David J. Russo, Esq. proudly serves the legal needs of clients throughout many regions of southwest Pennsylvania. From DUI defense to estate planning, and much more, attorney David Russo goes above and beyond for each of his clients, ensuring results with a high level of tenacity. You can rely on the experience and dedication that you will receive no matter what type of case you are involved in. Clients of the Russo legal practice in Waynesburg, PA, know who to call when it comes to any of the following legal matters:

• Auto Accident Cases
• Divorce
• Estate Litigation
• Civil Law Services

• Breach of Contract Claims
• DUI Defense
• Family Law Services
• Criminal Law Services

• Equitable Claims
• Landlord/Tenant Issues
• Personal Injury

• Civil Litigation
• Wills
& More!

Auto Accident Lawyer Serves Southwest PA

Car accidents are often highly overwhelming experiences that cause victims to suffer in many different ways. The physical pain and injuries that usually accompany a car crash require medical attention, which will result in higher health care bills. The damage to your vehicle, mental state, and possibly your driving record are also significant concerns for those involved in collisions and other types of traffic accidents.

Attorney David Russo, based in Waynesburg, PA, understands the impact that vehicle accidents have on victims. As an experienced and reliable lawyer, he can provide victims of car accidents and other personal injuries with empathetic support and an unwavering commitment to securing the compensation they deserve. If you or a loved one experienced injuries from a car accident, call the law office of David J. Russo, Esquire today!

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